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Archives for August 2012

Consumer Guide to Credit Report – Part 5

Bet you didn’t know there was so much to talk about when it comes to credit reports! This time we’ll explain debt-to-credit ratios and what it says about your financial situation. A debt-to-credit ratio is the numerical calculation of what you owe compared to available credit.  As a rule of thumb, credit bureaus like Equifax give […]

Pet Trust: No Longer a Dog Eat Dog World…

Pet Trust Ensures Continued Care “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole” sums up the way millions of Americans feel about their dogs (or cat, fish, snake, bird, or other beloved non-human companions). Pet ownership figures in America are staggering – at least two thirds of American households own a […]

How To Order Free Credit Report

Americans can request as many as three free credit reports per year from each of the major agencies (also known as bureaus): Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. They are not automatically delivered to you.  Rather, you’ll need to request your reports in one of the following three ways: Visit which is the only authorized source for consumers to access […]

Consumer Guide to Credit Reports Part 4

We’re continuing the conversation about how review your credit report, specifically Account Status and Unknown or Fraudulent Accounts. Account Status: Active vs. Closed It is not uncommon for consumers to mistakenly believe that they have closed an account. In actuality, it remains open and continues to accrue fees, interest, penalties, charges, etc. Accounts that are […]

Living Trust in California: Common Mistake like Adding Children to Title

As a long-time estate planning attorney, I counsel many couples in creating an estate plan or living trust in California. Most parents want to protect their children, as well as create a legacy that can be carried on for generations to come. However, the documentation required in an estate plan can vary depending upon a […]