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Archives for September 2012

Special Needs Trusts to Help Disabled

Special Needs Trusts are a specific type of trust, designed to protect the disabled and their public benefits. Estate planning clients who care for loved ones with special needs or disabilities have unique legal challenges, especially if they have real property that they want to pass on as part of their legacy. Special Needs Trust Preserve […]

Consumer Guide to Credit Reports – Part 6

Now that you’re becoming an expert at reviewing your credit report, here is some key information about public records section and the difference between hard and soft inquiries. Public Records The public records section chronicles major financial events such as judgments, foreclosures, lawsuits, wage garnishments, state and federal tax liens, past-due child support, and bankruptcy. Anything […]

Real Property Law Changes & Mortgage Interest Deduction Eligibility

In real property law we’ve found that one of the “Sacred Cows” of home ownership is the deduction allowed for the yearly interest paid to your bank on a home loan. The current understanding is that you must be on title to the home, on the loan, and pay the monthly payments in order to […]