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Archives for October 2012

Estate Planning Gifts: Is It Better to Give or Receive?

Gifts, as it relates to estate planning, can be tricky. Children may remember their parents telling them at some point in their lives (usually, on Christmas after being disappointed when Santa messed-up and got them the wrong present) that it is better to give than to receive. Well, while your parents may have simply been trying […]

Tax Law & Things To Know About Capital Gains & Losses

Tax Law can be a source of great amount of stress and frustration.  The legal and financial issues surrounding tax law can be confusing and expensive. One of the most fundamental concepts of tax law surrounds capital gains and losses, the importance of which could make or break you financially. Basic Tax Law Guidelines & Capital Gains […]

Special Taxes and Bankruptcy Rules

In seeking debt relief, many think taxes and bankruptcy are tied together. We’ve shared the four technical requirements to discharge old back taxes in Bankruptcy. And, we’ve touched on whether penalties assessed on unpaid back taxes are dischargeable in Bankruptcy. It’s imperative to caution our readers of some of special rules and issues that can tie […]

Consumer Guide to Credit Reports Part 7

In this series, we’ve covered: what a credit report is used for, why it should be periodically reviewed, how to review it, how to deal with fraudulent transactions or accounts, how to calculate debt-to-credit ratios, the two types of credit inquires. Last up is how to handle credit delinquencies/collections and rebuilding credit after bankruptcy. Delinquencies […]

Taxes and Bankruptcy & How They Mix

It’s not completely true that the only things you have to do in life is die and pay taxes. Well, I guess the dying part is sort of inevitable. My bankruptcy clients ask if they can get rid of taxes as part of their bankruptcy filing. Income Taxes and Bankruptcy. Are they Dischargeable? You may be […]