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Foreclosure Tax Law 2013: Residential California Home Owner Liability

Consumer Protection Laws & Borrower Tax Liabilities In last week’s post – “California Foreclosure Real Estate Law: Is There a Right Time to Walk Away?” – we examined the circumstances in which a defaulting borrower may be sued by a lender for a deficiency judgment in a residential foreclosure. Another pressing financial issue facing borrowers […]

California Foreclosure Real Estate Law: Is There a Right Time To Walk Away?

Time to Walk Away or Stay and Fight the Good Fight You’ve been a proud California home owner for years. But, you recently lost your job and are finding it difficult to keep up with your mortgage payments. Worse yet, your house is “under water.” No, that doesn’t mean it’s located in a flood zone. […]

2013 California Estate Planning for Registered Domestic Partners

Equal Treatment of California Same-Sex Couples The landscape of 2013 California Estate Planning schemes for registered domestic partners forever changed in June 2013 when the Supreme Court struck down a key part of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) that defined marriage as between a man and a woman for federal law purposes. What does this mean? […]

Estate Planning Attorney Guide for Retirement

Financial Curve Striking Players Out After the Game Ends It’s the ninth inning. Two outs. Bases loaded. Full count. Down by three. You’re at bat. The pitch. Hit! It could be. Going. Going… Whatever the sport, this “game-winning” scenario is played-out in the minds of millions of American youth. While most of us will never […]

Top Celebrity Estate Planning Disasters: Gandolfini’s Will Sparking Debate

You Talkin’ to Me..? Forget About It! Recent articles claim that James Gandolfini, known for his role as mob boss Tony Soprano in the hit HBO series “Sopranos,” is the newest star to be added to a long list of celebrity estate planning disasters. Did Gandolfini mess-up his will, making him another poster-boy for celebrity […]

Estate Planning Checklist for Californians: How to Live & Die with Confidence

Time to Pull the Trigger You’ve been meaning to get your estate affairs in order for some time now. It’s been hard to pull the trigger though. The problem. You’re unsure what you need. Further, you don’t know who to trust. The law’s confusing and constantly changing too, so you can’t do this alone. You […]

California Homestead Real Estate Law: Protecting Home from Creditors

Not all Creditors are Treated Equal California homestead real estate law helps to protect non-consensual creditors that attempt to force you to sell your home or attach sale proceeds to collect on a debt you owe. California homestead real estate law does not protect your home from voluntary liens, such as a mortgage or deed […]

Infamous Celebrity Estate Planning Mistakes

Celebrity Estate Planning Mistakes or Daytime Drama Dying too young. Questionable intent. Lost fortunes. Ineffective plans. No, this isn’t the plot of a daytime drama. These are the root of some of the most famous celebrity estate planning mistakes we’ve seen in the 21st century. These problems aren’t limited to the rich and famous. Statistics […]

California Real Estate Law: Home Improvement Contract Protections

Get the Facts before Laying the Bricks With a record hot summer looming and the 4th being held at your house this year you’re ready to renovate the old swimming pool. You’ve been a proud home owner for 10 years, but keeping up with the PITI payments has been tough enough. Remodelling the house or […]

Estate Planning Strategy: Giving During Life Equals Giving on Death

The Good & Bad of Lifetime Gifting Plans An estate planning strategy gaining popularity in California involves lifetime gifting. The benefits – it’s clean, simple and easy to do. You’re also able to enjoy your kids or other beneficiaries benefitting from your generosity now rather than bestowing your legacy on death through a will and trust. […]