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Archives for January 2013

Estate Planning: What Wills Do and Don’t Do

Estate Planning Avoids Throwing Money Down the Drain Don’t feel left out. If you don’t have a will or other estate planning docs you’re not alone. Statistics taken over the last decade have shown that up to 55% of Americans 45 years and older don’t have a will or other estate planning set-up. It’s not […]

Real Estate Law Changes: Beware the Fiscal Cliff!

California Real Estate Owners Face Increased Taxes in 2013 Real estateĀ investors beware! The new year sparks more than resolutions. What? You mean there’s more than getting back into the gym. Yep. 2013 marks a change to California’s real estate law. In our last post, we learned that the fiscal cliff didn’t change the requirement or […]

Estate Planning: Safe from Fiscal Cliff’s Edge

Fiscal Cliff Avoided Wake up! You’re safe. Splash some water on your face, take a cold shower and try to convince yourself that it was just a scary dream. Or was it?.. Americans concerned about estate planning can take a leisurely step backwards as we’re no longer teetering on the edge of a major financial […]

Estate Planning: End of the Road Documents

Taking a Fresh Look at Old Estate Planning Congratulations! You’ve finished your estate planning documentation. One of those once-in-a-lifetime “to do’s” checked off the list, right? Not exactly. Your bucket list isn’t finished quite yet. Changes to state and federal law, such as the American Taxpayer Relief Act passed 1/1/13, could impact your estate planning […]

Estate Loans: Creative Liquidity Solution

Estate Loans Help to Keep Real Property in the Family You’ve lost a loved one. Not only are you heartbroken but you were chosen to administer the estate so now you’re stressed. It’s too much. You’re overwhelmed and who can blame you? Not to fear. There’s a solution. Estate loans are one of the most […]