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Archives for February 2013

Estate Planning Techniques to Preserve Inheritance

Step Away from the Table, Baby Boomers Come on, red. Come on, red… Turn the rally cap around, uncross your fingers, and stop bugging the waitress to blow on your dice for luck. The odds of hitting it big on a windfall inheritance from Mom and Dad are no longer in your favor. This is […]

Estate Planning: Long-Term Asset Protection

Changed Circumstances Change Estate Planning You’ve done well for yourself in business. Expensive homes. Decked-out cars. High-rise office building downtown. Exclusive membership to the elite golf clubs. You’ve got it all! Somehow, amidst the crunching numbers and closing deals you found love too. You’re married with three lovely children – your most prized possessions. You […]

Real Estate Law: Co-Owner Buy-Outs

Be Bought Out or Sell, That is the Question You’ve just suffered the loss of your last parent. While you knew this day would come, it doesn’t lessen the impact. You’re overwhelmed with grief. Adding to the stress, a real estate law firm representing your only sibling has written you a letter quoting some mumbo […]

Estate Planning: Golden Years Healthcare Coverage

Importance of Long Term Health Care Coverage for Retirees You’ve worked your whole life for this moment. It’s finally here. The elation you feel about being done with your 9 to 5 is augmented by the fact that you’ve planned for the golden years by setting up a strong retirement plan. Your estate planning documents are […]