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Archives for March 2013

Estate Planning: Durable Power of Attorney

Protecting Financial Future by Estate Planning Now You’ve never been comfortable with others handling your financial affairs. Who can blame you? After being burned in the past, you know that if you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself. Staying in charge of your future necessitates that you create proper estate planning […]

Tax Law: Taxable & Not Taxable Income

Avoiding the Season of Fear Nothing strikes fear into the heart of americans like tax law. The reason is clear. Tax law is confusing. And the implications of misunderstanding or misapplying it can be severe. You’re not alone if you don’t understand tax law, especially as it relates to income. Einstein himself said the hardest […]

Estate Planning: Resuscitating Healthcare Directives

Directing End-of-Life Medical Preferences One of the main goals of estate planning is to ensure end-of-life healthcare decisions are honored. Creating an advance health care directive¬†as part of your estate planning scheme does just that. An advance directive allows you to name an agent to carry out your healthcare wishes in the event of your […]

Estate Planning Must: Revocable Living Trust

Estate Planning Influenced by Market Changes Having weathered the housing bubble storm of 2008 your home is no longer under water. In fact, you’ve got some equity now. You’re not alone. The housing market¬†has picked up dramatically in Santa Clara County over the last year. Envisioning family barbecues in the summers – minus “Uncle Eddie” […]