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Archives for April 2013

2013 Estate Planning Laws: Have A/B Trusts Tumbled Off Fiscal Cliff?

A/B Trusts a Thing of Past for Most Prior to the Fiscal Cliff legislation (passed on New Years Day 2013), an A/B Trust was a common estate planning tool used by married couples to minimize estate taxes. The Fiscal Cliff legislation impacts 2013 estate planning laws by making the federal estate tax exemption transferable (or […]

California Estate Planning: Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams

Airing Dirty Laundry Admit it. You’ve dreamt about being a celebrity. The glitz. Glam. Name in lights. Red-carpet affairs… While we may be envious of living the life of Champagne wishes and caviar dreams, many of the rich and famous (and us lay folks too) have learned the hard way that aside from high costs […]

California Real Estate Law Investing Loopholes Guide

Put Uncle Sam to Bed Tick-tock-tick-tock… Time’s running out. You’re not losing sleep this year though. Adios, panic attacks. See ya, blood pressure medication! Determined to beat Uncle Sam, you ┬áhired a real estate law attorney in the off-season to help minimize your tax obligations due April 15th. First cat out of the bag. Review […]

Estate Planning: Sifting Trash to Find Treasure

Start Sweating the Small Stuff You’ve amassed more than just money in your lifetime. You’ve got stuff. Lots of stuff. Some would say a treasure trove full of stuff… You consider it junk. A yard sale’s been in order for years. You’re getting older though. Getting rid of your stuff is not only impractical, you […]