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Archives for May 2013

Income Tax Law: Reporting Sale of Inherited Real Property

Follow the Rules or Else… Income tax law strikes fear in the hearts of Americans. The reason is simple. Income tax law is confusing. And the consequences of misinterpreting income tax law  (whether intentional or not) can be dramatic, ranging from lost fortunes in tax penalties to prison sentences for tax evasion. No one’s immune from […]

California Estate Planning Rules for Co-Habitating Unmarried Couples

New American Dream Planning The traditional sense of the American dream has changed. No longer is a happy marriage, couple kids (1.86 to be exact) and white picket fence on a tree-lined street the ideal american lifestyle. Now, statistics show that more and more people are opting to live together outside the bonds of matrimony. […]

California Estate Planning: Saving for Retirement Saves Inheritance

Passing Nest-Egg to Loved Ones Let’s face it. You’re not getting any younger. And after that health scare from last year, you’ve been thinking more and more about protecting yourself and your loved ones in the future. With retirement looming, you created a comprehensive California estate planning package that includes a will, trust, advance health care directive, and durable power of attorney […]

California Real Estate Law: Avoiding “Sticker Shock”

Weighing Closing Costs of Home Purchase Congratulations! The seller accepted your offer. You’re well on the way to owning your dream home. Hold-off on breaking out the bubbly for now. You’re not the owner just yet. Rather, you’re in “escrow.” What is escrow anyway? In a California real estate law context, it’s the time period […]