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Archives for July 2013

California Homestead Real Estate Law: Protecting Home from Creditors

Not all Creditors are Treated Equal California homestead real estate law helps to protect non-consensual creditors that attempt to force you to sell your home or attach sale proceeds to collect on a debt you owe. California homestead real estate law does not protect your home from voluntary liens, such as a mortgage or deed […]

Infamous Celebrity Estate Planning Mistakes

Celebrity Estate Planning Mistakes or Daytime Drama Dying too young. Questionable intent. Lost fortunes. Ineffective plans. No, this isn’t the plot of a daytime drama. These are the root of some of the most famous celebrity estate planning mistakes we’ve seen in the 21st century. These problems aren’t limited to the rich and famous. Statistics […]

California Real Estate Law: Home Improvement Contract Protections

Get the Facts before Laying the Bricks With a record hot summer looming and the 4th being held at your house this year you’re ready to renovate the old swimming pool. You’ve been a proud home owner for 10 years, but keeping up with the PITI payments has been tough enough. Remodelling the house or […]

Estate Planning Strategy: Giving During Life Equals Giving on Death

The Good & Bad of Lifetime Gifting Plans An estate planning strategy gaining popularity in California involves lifetime gifting. The benefits – it’s clean, simple and easy to do. You’re also able to enjoy your kids or other beneficiaries benefitting from your generosity now rather than bestowing your legacy on death through a will and trust. […]

Estate Planning Tips for Children Selling Parents Home in California

  Selling the Family Home It’s been 50 years since your last parent died. Mom and Dad left one asset – the family home – that they bought for $30,000 in the roaring 20’s. At the time of your parents passing, the rustic home was worth $196,000. A recent appraisal conducted on the ‘ol home […]