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Client Testimonials

Hanley Law client testimonials are quoted from various sources including, Google and Yelp.

Real Estate Law Testimonials

“Both Dan and Sean have earned my respect. I run a large and complicated business, one with a lot of moving parts. We rely upon their expertise, especially related to the mobile home park industry. It requires specialized real estate law knowledge; they apply that knowledge with efficiency and integrity.  As a result, Hanley Law has become our go-to legal firm for land acquisitions and ventures, property exchanges, commercial building purchases – basically everything and anything related to real estate law.” – Mike L.

“I can’t say enough about Mr. Hanley. He handled my case with compassion and understanding, then proceeded to get through with it as quickly as possible – which is just what I needed at that time. This combination of understanding and professionalism is rare in the legal community, so I have since referred him to 3 of my colleagues for real estate and bankruptcy matters.” – Brian, Yelp

“Mr Hanley did a great job on my case. He kept me informed on a timely manner. Was always on top of what was going on… very professional although the opposing lawyer was very nasty and not professional at all. He is honest and I was able to speak to him about my problems with ease.” – Grace, a Real Estate client, Avvo

Estate Planning Testimonials

“Mr. Hanley and Michelle have made my son’s Estate secure for his future, even though during the court proceedings certain people tried to take the control away from me. Recently, Mr. Hanley setup my Mom’s Trust and helped in getting her qualified for MediCal. My family is very grateful for Mr. Hanley and Michelle. When times get tough, I will be sure to call again.” – Thpanther, an Estate Planning client, Avvo

“Dan Hanley’s proficient handling of updating my will, living trust and associated documents left me well informed and satisfied that my affairs are in order. All my questions were answered and my requirements met and applied as required. I have recommeded his services to family and friends.” – Vicki, a Wills client, Avvo

“After my wife’s death, Dan Hanley took my messed up will and living trust and brought it up to date. He gave me advise on how to dispense with my late wife’s property to her children. I am 85 years old and retired. It was a pleasure doing business with someone that could answer all my questions to my satisfaction. I would recommed his services to everyone.” – Gerald, a Wills client, Avvo

“Dan has restored my faith in a lawyer again. I had a previous lawyer that I do not feel had my interest at heart but their own needs. Dan is extremely personable, knowledgeable, conscientious and thorough in his work. He always put me at ease and has a way of making me feel comfortable with any and all questions that I come up with. He is very competent and I feel I am in good hands with Dan. I have gone through a lot of grief this past year with my Dad and Dan has and is always their for me in any and all situations that I am confronted with. I have been through a lot of different challenges with my Dad’s estate and Dan has and is alwalys their for me! I have not hesitated to recommend Dan’s services to my friends and in fact, I have!” – Linda, a Trusts client, Avvo

“I would like to write a review and thank, Daniel Hanley. Mr. Hanley was referred to me by CANHR (California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform) as a Pro Bono attorney. He was prompt by contacting me the following day after receiving my Mother’s case. My Mother has been in need for legal help since she has been hospitalized and in rehabilitation centers for the past three months. My mom owns property and she had the intent to help my siblings own their homes while they made the mortgage payments, surprisingly my mom became disqualified for Medi-Cal services due to the properties. I tried to help my mom by purchasing my own pre-made Power of Attorney Document at Office Depot, seeking help which led to more frustration without any legal experience or guidance I could have spent hundreds of dollars that we are not budgeted for and purchased the wrong documents. We are grateful for Mr. Hanley who met with me for 1.5 hour during our first consultation; Mr. Hanley patiently explained his plan of action, even when I was confused he re-explained his plan and drew on paper so I could visually understand his legal advice. Mr. Hanley spoke to me a few times to coordinate a time to meet with my mother and to double check again that I understood him. He and his Para-legal, Michelle, drove from San Jose, CA to Stanford Hospital located in Palo Alto where my mother is currently hospitalized. Mr. Hanley has been aware that my mother was in the ICU and she had almost passed away a couple of times. His sensitivity to our timeframe with my mother’s life expectancy is something I will never forget. Also they had to wear a hospital gown and gloves as my mother was in a contact precaution/isolation room which is not comfortable, yet he didn’t mind following hospital policy, and best yet he was able to notarize and explain how he is helping her. My entire family has peace of mind and we are sleeping better at night due to his kindness and generosity. Again, my family including my mother is greatly appreciative of Mr. Hanley’s help in such a dire time in our lives. It is comforting to know he is available for future questions and guidance through the Medi-cal approval process.” – Jeanine, a Health Care client, Avvo

“Awesome advice. I spoke with both the father and son and they were extremely courteous gentlemen. My father-in-law passed away and I had some questions regarding my wife’s legal recourse in the matter with regard to his estate. Mr. Hanley was patient, thorough, and informative with what our options were. He helped me with exactly what I needed. I was impressed enough that I will be contacting him in the future to set up a trust for my kids so they don’t have the difficulty that we have had with my father-in-law.” – Steve, an Estate Planning client, Google

Small Business Law Testimonials

“Dan is a fine man and lawyer. He is willing to help people from the smallest to largest of cases. I have know Dan for many years. He is a good man to have in your corner.” – Bill, a Contracts client, Avvo

“Dan has also been involved in every partnership entity we’ve created. Our partnerships encompass all types of business and familial relationships. Hanley makes sure that all our interests are legally protected.” – Mike L.

Bankruptcy Testimonials

“I have always respected and enjoyed the service from Mr. Sean Hanley. His expertise and knowledge always makes me feel like the situation is under control.” – Todd, Yelp