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Client Testimonials

Hanley Law client testimonials are quoted from various sources including, Google and Yelp.

Real Estate Law Testimonials

“Both Dan and Sean have earned my respect. I run a large and complicated business, one with a lot of moving parts. We rely upon their expertise, especially related to the mobile home park industry. It requires specialized real estate law knowledge; they apply that knowledge with efficiency and integrity.  As a result, Hanley Law has become our go-to legal firm for land acquisitions and ventures, property exchanges, commercial building purchases – basically everything and anything related to real estate law.” – Mike L.

“I can’t say enough about Mr. Hanley. He handled my case with compassion and understanding, then proceeded to get through with it as quickly as possible – which is just what I needed at that time. This combination of understanding and professionalism is rare in the legal community, so I have since referred him to 3 of my colleagues for real estate and bankruptcy matters.” – Brian, Yelp

“Mr Hanley did a great job on my case. He kept me informed on a timely manner. Was always on top of what was going on… very professional although the opposing lawyer was very nasty and not professional at all. He is honest and I was able to speak to him about my problems with ease.” – Grace, a Real Estate client, Avvo

Estate Planning Testimonials

“My whole family has used Hanley Law Firm for two generations. My Grandmother went to Dan Hanley for her Trust and will, and he was so great with everything he did, and made sure to cover his bases in every aspect that she kept going in every time she needed something changed or had questions and sent all her friends to him, he was great and Sean and Michelle were amazing. Fast forward to Sean Hanley taking over full time, I have to say, his dad would be proud. Not many Lawer’s get back via email at all times, but Sean was quick to reply and get everything (no matter how tedious) Done in record time. I’d contacted another attorney to complete my trust and will never was able to complete the docs. Sean was in contact within the hour, I sent everything over and he had proofs the next day! I’m so impressed with the level of care and expertise Sean and his firm have, I’ve been sending all my clients to his firm for all their estate planning needs. I’m so relieved to have everything done the way I wanted it and so happy to know the Hanley Law Firm will continue to take care of anyone I send their way. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of estate planning and real estate law advice.” – Julia B – an Estate Planning, Elder Law, and Real Estate Client. Yelp

“Sean Hanley is the Best Estate Planning Attorney! My parents were in desperate need of an estate planning attorney that was willing to work online because they were traveling and not able to make it into a law office. My parents found Sean Hanley at Hanley Law and couldn’t be happier that they did. Sean prepared the estate plan for my parents, forwarded and explained the documents to them and had the full estate plan executed/notarized within a week. The speed and efficiency was tremendous. I also had the pleasure of having Sean Hanley at Hanley Law prepare an estate plan for me and my husband.  Our experience mirrored my parents experience. Sean was quick, responsive and had a nice personality/was very easy to work with. I recommend Sean Hanley of Hanley Law to anyone looking for a highly qualified estate planning attorney!”- Gina D – an Estate Planning Client. Yelp

“We give great thought in choosing our hair stylist, dentist, doctors, even Internet carriers but do we do the same for the person who is going to create and orchestrate our Wills? Recently went through the process with my mother to modify her existing Will after my father’s passing.  I’ve come to realize as much as the Will is about your assets of today it’s about tomorrow when you are no longer here.  Yes, you choose an Executor to oversee the execution of your Will but you want them to be left in capable and caring hands to guide them through the second leg of the process.  Sean Hanley will do that for you.” – Cynthia F- an Estate Planning Client. Yelp

“Most folks consider a visit to an attorney tantamount to visiting a dentist. It’s like a necessary kinda torture. Most times. Its why Shakespeare said what he said about lawyers. Problem is… the Hanleys (Dan, may he now rest in peace; and now his son, Sean) and their associates have changed all the so-called “rules” !!

My relationship with the Hanley’s, taking care of and handling important family legal business has been– how do I verbalize this– as personable as visiting a close friend. Truly. They changed all that hardened, black ‘n white, attorney-knows-best ambience. And it was like dealing with the friendly country doctor like you see in the movies!! Patient, laying on the bed suffering, the doc breezes in with his little black bag of tricks. A little country-wisdom, some kind thoughts, bag unzipped and MAGIC, patient cured. They CLEARLY know the law and what they’re doing; they handle ALL the minutiae seamlessly!…. But they do it with SUCH personable “bedside manner”… that handling all the un-fun legal stuff is a downright PLEASURE in the end! Even their offices.. some kind of renovated, rustic residence in the heart of Willow Glen is downright “homey”!! Sean, sharp as a tack, with that ready smile and personality… and Michelle, with her INCREDIBLE efficiency, but saloon-style, jovial personality– you’ve never experienced Law like this!! Look… that’s the way it should be. We are real people and these are the important issues in our lives. Well, at Hanley Law its reciprocated to perfection. There is no drilling… and Novocain is never needed. Instead, you get to deal with real nice folks who KNOW what they’re doing professionally. And do it in a way that eases you from the beginning. If you have a Family Legal issue you need resolved, these are the folks you wanna go to. Period. Go… and enjoy yourself in the process.” – Rick S – an Estate Planning Client. Yelp

“Mr. Hanley and Michelle have made my son’s Estate secure for his future, even though during the court proceedings certain people tried to take the control away from me. Recently, Mr. Hanley setup my Mom’s Trust and helped in getting her qualified for MediCal. My family is very grateful for Mr. Hanley and Michelle. When times get tough, I will be sure to call again.” – Thpanther, an Estate Planning client, Avvo

“Dan has restored my faith in a lawyer again. I had a previous lawyer that I do not feel had my interest at heart but their own needs. Dan is extremely personable, knowledgeable, conscientious and thorough in his work. He always put me at ease and has a way of making me feel comfortable with any and all questions that I come up with. He is very competent and I feel I am in good hands with Dan. I have gone through a lot of grief this past year with my Dad and Dan has and is always their for me in any and all situations that I am confronted with. I have been through a lot of different challenges with my Dad’s estate and Dan has and is alwalys their for me! I have not hesitated to recommend Dan’s services to my friends and in fact, I have!” – Linda, a Trusts client, Avvo

“Awesome advice. I spoke with both the father and son and they were extremely courteous gentlemen. My father-in-law passed away and I had some questions regarding my wife’s legal recourse in the matter with regard to his estate. Mr. Hanley was patient, thorough, and informative with what our options were. He helped me with exactly what I needed. I was impressed enough that I will be contacting him in the future to set up a trust for my kids so they don’t have the difficulty that we have had with my father-in-law.” – Steve, an Estate Planning client, Google

“If five stars is the ultimate “gold star” rating, I hand them to Sean Hanley and his associates on a silver platter. Never having personally handled estate planning chores, and not being a resident of the state, I was terrified of the task ahead. In the limited time I had as an “out-of-towner,” Sean Hanley not only patiently explained what I needed to do, but expedited the process so I could leave town on schedule with every step of the process signed, sealed, and delivered.And all this at no extra charge.
I love working with people who are good at what they do. In my opinion, Sean Hanley fits that description to a ‘T.” – Carolyn S, an Estate Planning client, Yelp

“Great, thorough, and professional service from Sean and his entire team. He is extremely knowledgeable, very responsive and guided me through some challenging estate planning. I would gladly recommend him to anyone that needs some great, sound legal advice.” Steve – an Estate Planning Client. Google

“This review is long overdue.  We have been clients of Hanley Law firm for many years, first with Dan and now with Sean.  Absolutely the most wonderful people to work with. Sean will answer emails promptly, take the time to explain the documents and go out of their way to make sure you understand and are satisfied with the results.  We enjoy going into the offices because we know we will receive undivided attention from Sean and leave knowing we have our estate in place.  We highly recommend Hanley Law Firm!” Trish T, an Estate Planning Client. Yelp

“Working with Sean at the Hanley Law office was a great experience.  Making estate plans for an elder parent is stressful and upsetting, however, Sean was extremely helpful and thorough.  We had many questions along the way and he replied to our emails promptly and clearly, helping explain the nuances of the plan. He was very patient with my mother and made her feel comfortable which was an additional and important benefit.  He didn’t make us feel rushed at all so we could think through each aspect to support my mom’s wishes, first and foremost, and hopefully reduce stress later.  I highly recommend Sean Hanley and hope you give him a call to help you with your estate planning needs. Misty F, an Estate Planning Client, Yelp

“Sean is a very knowledgeable estate planning attorney who provided invaluable service for me.  I had many questions and Sean patiently took the time to discuss everything in detail, leaving me KNOWING – not just feeling – that my estate has been properly handled. Sean made the process easy and straightforward.  I highly suggest the services of Sean Hanley of Hanley Law to anyone looking for an exceptional estate planning attorney.” – Brian C, an Estate Planning Client. Yelp

“Michelle and Sean are simply awesome.  I have had many questions and needed several documents created or modified for my mother’s trust. The services provided were timely, helpful and done in a most respectful manner..   I would recommend them for sure!!” Barry G, an Estate Planning Client. Yelp

“On August 19 my father passed away. These amazing people helped me through the toughest time of my life. They were always there to answer any questions at any time of day or night. Simply put, I could not have done what was needed to without them!!! I thank you both so much….you are truly amazing at what you do!!!” Ben M, an Estate Planning Client. Yelp