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Living Trust in California: Common Mistake like Adding Children to Title

As a long-time estate planning attorney, I counsel many couples in creating an estate plan or living trust in California. Most parents want to protect their children, as well as create a legacy that can be carried on for generations to come. However, the documentation required in an estate plan can vary depending upon a […]

Administration Tips from A Trust & Estate Attorney

Once an estate plan has been finalized by a qualified trust and estate attorney, it needs to remain current to reflect an individual’s or family’s situation. Upon death, the trust then begins the trust administration phase. It’s a complex job of the trustee — the person in charge of carrying out the terms of the […]

Bad rap for Santa Clara Court appointed trustees?

In the news there’s been a lot of criticism of court appointed trustees, especially those assigned for probate administration as well as conservatorships.  Recent articles in the San Jose Mercury News took aim at court appointed Trustees and attorneys for taking advantage of their position in administering estates of incapacitated persons. While the articles are […]