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Top Celebrity Estate Planning Disasters: Gandolfini’s Will Sparking Debate

You Talkin’ to Me..? Forget About It! Recent articles claim that James Gandolfini, known for his role as mob boss Tony Soprano in the hit HBO series “Sopranos,” is the newest star to be added to a long list of celebrity estate planning disasters. Did Gandolfini mess-up his will, making him another poster-boy for celebrity […]

Estate Planning Checklist for Californians: How to Live & Die with Confidence

Time to Pull the Trigger You’ve been meaning to get your estate affairs in order for some time now. It’s been hard to pull the trigger though. The problem. You’re unsure what you need. Further, you don’t know who to trust. The law’s confusing and constantly changing too, so you can’t do this alone. You […]

Infamous Celebrity Estate Planning Mistakes

Celebrity Estate Planning Mistakes or Daytime Drama Dying too young. Questionable intent. Lost fortunes. Ineffective plans. No, this isn’t the plot of a daytime drama. These are the root of some of the most famous celebrity estate planning mistakes we’ve seen in the 21st century. These problems aren’t limited to the rich and famous. Statistics […]

Estate Planning Strategy: Giving During Life Equals Giving on Death

The Good & Bad of Lifetime Gifting Plans An estate planning strategy gaining popularity in California involves lifetime gifting. The benefits – it’s clean, simple and easy to do. You’re also able to enjoy your kids or other beneficiaries benefitting from your generosity now rather than bestowing your legacy on death through a will and trust. […]

Estate Planning Tips for Children Selling Parents Home in California

  Selling the Family Home It’s been 50 years since your last parent died. Mom and Dad left one asset – the family home – that they bought for $30,000 in the roaring 20’s. At the time of your parents passing, the rustic home was worth $196,000. A recent appraisal conducted on the ‘ol home […]

Elder Law Estate Planning: Protecting Seniors from Scams

If It Looks Too Good to be True… The sender – unknown. The subject header – “You’ve Won a Million Dollars..!” It couldn’t come at a better time. You’re retired and living off social security. Some extra cash would be grand. The email directions to collect seem easy enough. Simply deliver your birth date, social […]

California Estate Planning Law: Schematics of Titling Real Property

California Dreamin’ for Couples Yes! I knew there was another reason to get married. Ya, ya, I know, the whole love thing… Just kidding, honey. All joking aside, there’s enormous financial implications to how married couples title real property in California, creating the need to strategize with relation to other estate planning docs under California estate […]

California Estate Planning Rules for Co-Habitating Unmarried Couples

New American Dream Planning The traditional sense of the American dream has changed. No longer is a happy marriage, couple kids (1.86 to be exact) and white picket fence on a tree-lined street the ideal american lifestyle. Now, statistics show that more and more people are opting to live together outside the bonds of matrimony. […]

California Estate Planning: Saving for Retirement Saves Inheritance

Passing Nest-Egg to Loved Ones Let’s face it. You’re not getting any younger. And after that health scare from last year, you’ve been thinking more and more about protecting yourself and your loved ones in the future. With retirement looming, you created a comprehensive California estate planning package that includes a will, trust, advance health care directive, and durable power of attorney […]

2013 Estate Planning Laws: Have A/B Trusts Tumbled Off Fiscal Cliff?

A/B Trusts a Thing of Past for Most Prior to the Fiscal Cliff legislation (passed on New Years Day 2013), an A/B Trust was a common estate planning tool used by married couples to minimize estate taxes. The Fiscal Cliff legislation impacts 2013 estate planning laws by making the federal estate tax exemption transferable (or […]