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California Foreclosure Real Estate Law: Is There a Right Time To Walk Away?

Time to Walk Away or Stay and Fight the Good Fight You’ve been a proud California home owner for years. But, you recently lost your job and are finding it difficult to keep up with your mortgage payments. Worse yet, your house is “under water.” No, that doesn’t mean it’s located in a flood zone. […]

California Homestead Real Estate Law: Protecting Home from Creditors

Not all Creditors are Treated Equal California homestead real estate law helps to protect non-consensual creditors that attempt to force you to sell your home or attach sale proceeds to collect on a debt you owe. California homestead real estate law does not protect your home from voluntary liens, such as a mortgage or deed […]

California Real Estate Law: Home Improvement Contract Protections

Get the Facts before Laying the Bricks With a record hot summer looming and the 4th being held at your house this year you’re ready to renovate the old swimming pool. You’ve been a proud home owner for 10 years, but keeping up with the PITI payments has been tough enough. Remodelling the house or […]

California Real Estate Law: Avoiding “Sticker Shock”

Weighing Closing Costs of Home Purchase Congratulations! The seller accepted your offer. You’re well on the way to owning your dream home. Hold-off on breaking out the bubbly for now. You’re not the owner just yet. Rather, you’re in “escrow.” What is escrow anyway? In a California real estate law context, it’s the time period […]

California Real Estate Law Investing Loopholes Guide

Put Uncle Sam to Bed Tick-tock-tick-tock… Time’s running out. You’re not losing sleep this year though. Adios, panic attacks. See ya, blood pressure medication! Determined to beat Uncle Sam, you  hired a real estate law attorney in the off-season to help minimize your tax obligations due April 15th. First cat out of the bag. Review […]

Real Estate Law: Co-Owner Buy-Outs

Be Bought Out or Sell, That is the Question You’ve just suffered the loss of your last parent. While you knew this day would come, it doesn’t lessen the impact. You’re overwhelmed with grief. Adding to the stress, a real estate law firm representing your only sibling has written you a letter quoting some mumbo […]

Real Estate Law Changes: Beware the Fiscal Cliff!

California Real Estate Owners Face Increased Taxes in 2013 Real estate investors beware! The new year sparks more than resolutions. What? You mean there’s more than getting back into the gym. Yep. 2013 marks a change to California’s real estate law. In our last post, we learned that the fiscal cliff didn’t change the requirement or […]

Real Estate Insurance: Flooded by Hurricane Sandy

  Real Estate Owners Dreams are Washed Away We’ve seen the pictures of devastation heard the stories of tragedy and were inspired by the relief concert. There’s another story not jumping off the newsstands that’s just as incredible. Thousands of real estate owners have been denied insurance coverage for “flood loss” in the wake of […]

Real Estate Law: Top Ten Rules for People Selling Their Home

Real Estate Law & Tax Rules in California Real Estate law in California is confusing. But, that doesn’t mean you can ignore the implications associated with California real estate law. Nor, however, can you ignore your obligations to “Uncle Sam.” Understanding real estate law as well as your tax obligations is paramount to realizing a profit (or “gain”) when you sell […]

Real Property Law Changes & Mortgage Interest Deduction Eligibility

In real property law we’ve found that one of the “Sacred Cows” of home ownership is the deduction allowed for the yearly interest paid to your bank on a home loan. The current understanding is that you must be on title to the home, on the loan, and pay the monthly payments in order to […]