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Small Business Law

Starting a small business can be an exciting process. You’ve got a great idea. You’ve got a website. You’re building a customer base. Now, it’s time to get legal advice about how to structure your small business for long-term success.

Creating & Structuring Small Business Entities

Hanley Law has experience in setting up every type of business entity, including corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies. Each business has unique needs especially in regards to business formation, organization, operations and management. We help with start-ups as well as mature businesses. We counsel our clients on the best structure based upon their circumstances and requirements. With an eye for details, we make sure business documents support long-term viability and profitability.

Restructuring & Reorganizing Businesses

As a business grows, so does its legal needs. Sometimes small businesses need to reorganize its structure when new partners join or investors are needed to expand. Hanley Law is experienced in reviewing and drafting all kinds of agreements including:

  • Operating agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Joint Venture agreements

We know that our clients look for ways to streamline their operations, wanting to create a foundation where their business is sustainable. Hanley Law assists small businesses in creating:

  • Employment agreements
  • Distribution agreements
  • Contract agreements

Representation When Purchasing or Selling a Business

Whether you are looking to acquire or sell a business, we guide our clients through this complex and important transaction. Experienced with financing a new business venture or crafting business dissolutions, we tap into our extensive real estate law background. Many small business owners find they need a hybrid of legal advice, including combined aspects of real estate, tax and business law.