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California Estate Planning Checklist: Documents & Case Study

California Estate Planning Checklist – Guide All estate plans are unique. However, the following is a basic California estate planning checklist that you can use to ensure your lifetime financial and healthcare needs are handled in case of incapacity and your wishes are carried out on death (while avoiding probate!). What documents are on the California estate […]

Estate Planning Attorney: Singles Need to Plan Too

Singles Incentives to Plan Advice from this estate planning attorney – single people have an even greater need to create estate planning documents to protect their interests on death or incapacity than married couples. There are legal protections in place for married couples that fail to plan. For instance, if you’re married and die without […]

California Estate Planning Attorney: Guide to Holographic Wills

“Do it Yourself” Documents As a California estate planning attorney, I cringe at the thought of clients creating their own estate planning documents. There’s just too many things that can go wrong when you try to “do it yourself.” Holographic wills are written entirely in the handwriting of the testator (no typewritten or pre-printed portions). […]

Estate Planning Update: When is the Right Time?

Life & Law Changes Necessitating Estate Planning Update You just left your attorney’s office with a brand new estate plan. You’re done, right? It’s “up-to-date.” Shiny. Professional looking. Sounds incredibly complex when described. You couldn’t be happier. What’s next? Reviewing whether an estate planning update is needed is something you should do once a year if you […]

Top Celebrity Estate Planning Disasters: Gandolfini’s Will Sparking Debate

You Talkin’ to Me..? Forget About It! Recent articles claim that James Gandolfini, known for his role as mob boss Tony Soprano in the hit HBO series “Sopranos,” is the newest star to be added to a long list of celebrity estate planning disasters. Did Gandolfini mess-up his will, making him another poster-boy for celebrity […]

Estate Planning Checklist for Californians: How to Live & Die with Confidence

Time to Pull the Trigger You’ve been meaning to get your estate affairs in order for some time now. It’s been hard to pull the trigger though. The problem. You’re unsure what you need. Further, you don’t know who to trust. The law’s confusing and constantly changing too, so you can’t do this alone. You […]

Estate Planning: Long-Term Asset Protection

Changed Circumstances Change Estate Planning You’ve done well for yourself in business. Expensive homes. Decked-out cars. High-rise office building downtown. Exclusive membership to the elite golf clubs. You’ve got it all! Somehow, amidst the crunching numbers and closing deals you found love too. You’re married with three lovely children – your most prized possessions. You […]