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Estate Planning In-Depth Article

Hiring an estate planning attorney is an important financial decision. It’s an investment of your money and time, but it’s an investment in how your estate is managed during your lifetime and at the time of your death. Not all estate planning attorneys are created equal.

Information You Can Use

In this white paper you’ll learn:

  • the difference between a trust mill “one size fits all” versus a customized plan
  • what specific questions to ask to ensure a good fit for you and your family
  • what to look for in their background, experience and references
  • how to determine costs and what an estate plan should include
  • how long the process should take to create a comprehensive and customized estate plan

An excerpt…

As with any profession, estate planning attorneys have differing fee schedules and services. Before signing an agreement, you’ll want a clear understanding of their fee, what it includes, and what will cost extra. Some estate planning attorneys fees are based upon an hourly rate. Others provide an upfront fee quote, subject to actual time spent in preparation, processing, and other related costs. Be wary of fee structures that fail to provide an accurate upfront fee quote; it’s common for the fee to be attractive initially but then carry “hidden” fees resulting in a package that’s extremely expensive. Regardless of how the attorney charges, be sure you understand how they charge and what you’ll receive in exchange. In our opinion, the best estate planning attorneys quote a flat project fee at the end of your first consultation. They do not deviate from that fee. There are no hidden fees or costs and no bills at the end of the month. Their quoted fee covers everything — from preparing the documentation, recording deeds and tax documents, to answering any questions you or your family has along the way or even after the plan is complete.